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Brandiing is a practical guide to content strategy and branding for business. It tells my story of becoming an ‘accidental entrepreneur’ and how I turned my passion for web design into a multi-million dollar business. I believe branding is the primary driver in my personal and professional success to date. Through self-reflection, personal anecdotes and
learning exercises, I reveal my top branding advice, as well as touching on my past mistakes and failures.

  • I read Brandiing because I was looking for inspiration around naming for my new business. Adii offered excellent insight on how I should be approaching this task but also had a holistic view on branding and how a company’s brand can be feed deep into its culture, recruitment process and customer service protocols. I would highly recommend!
    Denis Arsenault
  • Adii's book really convicted me about branding mistakes I've made in the past, but the good part is that now I know how to fix them! Adii has built an uber-successful brand (Woothemes) so he knows his stuff.
    Scott Bolinger Founder at PressCoders
  • After reading Brandiing, I thought Adii added some great input and advice around branding and content marketing. It was great to read that Adii was very willing to share lots of great tips and I could tell that he genuinely cared about the advice he was giving because he wanted his readers to succeed and achieve their own goals. I highly recommend buying a copy of the book!
    Phil Graham
  • I was really impressed with Adii’s new book Brandiing. It helped me stay focussed, get clear about what I should be doing and keeping me accountable when running my business. I will be definitely be following what is to come from this great entrepreneur!
    Troy Dean Founder at Video User Manuals
  • Brandiing helped me get clear on what's really important to finding a business's vision. Rather than an afterthought of design and communication, branding starts with you and your unique characteristics. It will help you create an authentic experience that's meaningful and memorable to your customers.
    Maya Benari
  • Adii shows how effective branding is more than just logos and letterhead. Learn exactly how his masterful use of branding lead to building a multi-million dollar theme company, and how you can apply the same concepts to your own business.
    Nathan Barry Founder at ConvertKit
  • Adii Pienaar is superstar at branding and strategy! His book gave me great advice and after reading, I would recommend anyone thinking about starting a business should pick up and read Brandiing first!
    Anders Pedersen CEO at Vubla
  • Adii's really sharp on branding. Particularly for early stage founders, Adii knows how to get in your head, peel out your values, and turn them into the brand YOU want to build.
    Dinesh Thiru VP of Marketing at Udemy

The Story of Adii Rockstar

The name ‘Adii Rockstar’ was born out of necessity. My birth name is Adriaan Pienaar, which isn't easy to pronounce and wasn’t particularly memorable. The name "Adii" (‘ay-dee’) was a nickname derived by my high-school friends and the ‘Rockstar’ element was a way to stand out from the other web design ‘ninjas’ at the time. I used this persona to form options - offline and online - with the aim of developing my voice long before I had the success and reputation to back this up.

It was through shameless-self promotion that I was able to develop a brand that others could remember me by. I’m now a retired ‘Rockstar’ but by using the name, ‘Adii Rockstar’, I learned very valuable branding lessons in both personal and business reputation, and this is why I want to share my story with you.

Why is branding important?

I believe branding helps you stand out from the crowd, and from your competition. It is not just a logo, website design or colour scheme, but is part of your company’s DNA. A unique business identity "personalizes" your brand and connects with your customers on a more intimate level, encouraging them to pay attention to your services. Branding is what people will remember you by, not just your awesome name, logo or website.

What You'll Learn

After reading this guide you will have a clear action plan to develop your own business and branding strategy.

You will learn:

  • The easiest and most effective steps to creating your personal and professional brand;
  • How these techniques and objectives can drive revenue and sales success;
  • How to be comfortable with shameless self-promotion and position yourself as an industry expert;
  • Why customer service is one of the primary drivers of business reputation; and
  • How to use personal characteristics to personify your company’s ethos and create an authentic, memorable and individual brand.

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About the Author

Adii Pienaar is the Founder of PublicBeta, an educational platform for entrepreneurs by (very) successful entrepreneurs. His expertise spans across branding, marketing and business development, and he successfully turned his one-man web design business into WooThemes, a multimillion dollar company.

Not being based in a mainstream tech hub (WooThemes was born on the “edge of the world” in Cape Town, South Africa), Adii helped overcome the geographical odds to grow the “Woo”-brand into a brand that is recognized worldwide (with more than a million users). In the past he also managed to successfully rename himself as “Adii Rockstar” and he now claims that was an exercise in branding. Adii has an incredible passion for helping entrepreneurs, branding and business plus running to help clear his mind and achieve the impossible.

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